1 Box. 70 FX!!!

More than 70 special effects, transitions and generators for Final Cut Pro 7.



These filters give you several different ways to blur your image, or parts of your image. Includes: G Cool Blur, G Directional Blur, G Horizontal and Vertical Blur, G H and V Blur Glow, and G Radial Blur.


De-interlace filters recreate the progressive look of film from interlaced video. Get all the effects in one master plugin--G FIlm Plus, or choose just the effects that you need as individual filters.

Extra Touches:

In this group you find filters that add a little something to your video. Includes: G Beauty, G Bug Eye, G Earthquaker, G FBM Noise, G Lens Flare, G Reverberator, G Split Screen, G Star, G Theartrical and G Tone Enhancer.



Each of these filters addresses a specific problem, and fixes it. Includes G Alpha Expander, G Chroma Smoother, G Copy Channel, G Deflash, G Deflicker, G Field, and G Reinterlacer.

Image F/X

This group of filters modifies the look of your video and includes G Diffuse, G False Colour, G Monochrome, G Posterise, G Saturator, G Saturator Balanced, G Sharpen, G Surreal, G Threshold, and G Tint.

Noise Reduction

Some useful filters to reduce/eliminate static and buzz. Includes: G Chroma Noise Reduction, G Spatial Noise Reduction, and G Temporal Noise Reduction.

TV Effects

 When you need to create the look of television, with all its quirks and faults, these filters give you the tools you need. Includes G Analogue, G Chroma Shift, G Digital, G Head Clog, G Resolution, G RGB TV, G Roll, G Scratch, G Shift, and G TV Lines.

Time Tools

 These filters play with time and/or fields and frames. Includes: G 50 Percent, and G Timelapse.

Levels And Curves

 These filters are designed to give you precise control over the tones in your video, operating in either RGB or Y'CbCr space for creative control. Although Final Cut Pro has some in-built plugins for Levels and Contrast, they can be tricky to use and do not provide the creative control that these plugins offer. Includes G Contrast, G Detail Contrast, G Detail Levels, G Hyper Contrast, G Levels, G Simple Contrast, G Simple Curves, G Simple Levels, and G Super Levels.


Look here for plug-ins to create animated lines for your next Indianna Jones style epic, animated video strips, countdowns, bar graphs or random symbols for alien manuscripts. Includes G Bars, G Countdown, G FBM Noise Generator, G Fields and Frames, G Laser, G Lines, G Long Lines, G Random, and G Video Strip.


Here you will find several innovative ways to get from shot A to shot B! Includes G Burn, G Directional Blur Dissolve, G Dissolve, G Glow Dissolve, G Horizontal and Vertical Blur Dissolve, G Lens Flare Transition, G Long Dissolve, G Sharp Dissolve, and G Spring.


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Digital Producer Magazine has a review of all the Natress filters (Film Effects, Standards Conversion, Big Box of Tricks), including example movies, by Heath McKnight.


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Levels + Curves

Levels + Curves

Contrast Filters

Contrast Filters

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Shatter Transitions

Film Transitions

Film Transitions